The abandoned structure pictured to the left was created by unknown artists. I believe it was built by Bill Tracy's Amusement Display Associates (or the Tracy Gang as they called themselves). This 3 dimensional model stands over 7 feet high and was constructed to promote the Whacky Shack dark ride in the early 60's. For many years it stood in the lobby of Hunt's Strand Theatre on the Boardwalk. I was fortunate to have saved this piece from landing in the trash heap and it is now a part of my personal collection. Some close-up shots are pictured below.

Some of the chariots from the double-decker Carousel on Sportland Pier.

Pictured above is the Goonie Bird emerging from his egg on Hunt's Pier's Jungleland ride. Years later I managed to save the egg but the goonie bird flew the coop.
Pictured above is another artifact from Sportland Pier. This demon is shown in the photo below creeping above the left dormer of Dr. Bloods Horror House.
The photo above was sent in by Perry Weaver.
A close up of the demon.
Pictured are the Dancing Girls from the Keystone Kops dark ride on Hunt's Pier, battered and broken and long forgotten. I was told they were stored in a trailer and destined for the trash bin. I immediately arranged to purchase them and am currently restoring them to their original beauty.
What was left of the Hell Hole remained on Sportland Pier for many years. Over the past year this too has disappeared.
The photo below was sent in by John Brennan of Laurel and Hardy Central.
At one time the large figure pictured to the left stood on Sportland Pier. Shown above and below as he looks today. Like so many others it has become a relic.
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