This page features the dark ride Sourier Grotte which operated on Hunt's Pier in the mid to late 80's. It was removed from the pier in the early 90's and sat idle and neglected for quite a few years. The ride eventually sold a year or two after I took these photos. The new owners had intentions of converting it into a walk-thru attraction.
Photo to the left shows the ride as it looked on Hunt's Pier. To the right as it appeared after it was removed from the pier and shortly before it was sold.
The photos below show some of the interior stunts from Sourier Grotte. Many of these pieces were carved by Jack and Wayne Seddon. These pictures were taken years later and do not show the original paint work done by Jack and Wayne.
The pics below show some of the cars stacked on the loading area and abandoned in the weeds. Jack and Wayne textured the cars to have a stone like appearance.


Copyright 2001 Ralph Grassi