The neon Log Flume sign gets scrapped.

Fiberglass boats from the Log Flume and Rapids Ride await their fate.

The antique car pictured above served as a prop from the Keystone Kop ride on Hunt's Pier. The photo to the far left was taken in 1997 and still had a Kop behind the wheel at the time. You can see the head is badly deteriorated and flopped over to one side.

The Lumber Jack still hangin' in there.

This junked van was once used by the Ramagosa organization at Sportland Pier.

At one time this portable hot dog stand operated on Casino Pier. Long neglected it now sits on the back of Sportland Pier.
The red letters pictured to the left once adorned the Hunt's Pier Pylon over the Ocean Theatre. The landmark structure remained until 2006 when it too was removed. The photo to the right shows the pylon as it appeared during the Hunt's era.
The photos above show the landmark structure stripped down to its steel frame just days before removal.


Copyright 2001 Ralph Grassi