Todd Rundgren and Utopia at the Playpen September 2, 1981
Pictured clockwise below is bassist Kasim Sulton, Roger Powell on keyboards, John ( Willie) Wilcox on drums... and of course Todd.

Ian Hunter at the Playpen August 3, 1983

Scandal at the Playpen August 1, 1983
Patty Smyth and Benjy King
Keith Mack
Zack Smith
Thommy Price on drums

Brian did some photography for a band called "The Gang"who first played Punk and New Wave music at the Penalty Box and later became the house band at the Club Casbah. Brian's images were used on the marquee and also on buttons sold at the shows. Pictured below are several photos of Donna and Earl Rapp with "The Gang".
Donna Rapp
Earl Rapp
Steve Wiggs
Bobby Fisher
Paul Perreca

Brian also did photography for the band "Witness" at the London Ale House in 1981.
Billy Spence
Steelman Disston
Michael Disston
Michael La Buono
The photo below was taken in May of 1981 and comes from the collection of John (JD) Dziel who was lighting and special effects designer for Witness. Check out his excellent tribute site at

Photographs used in this article are from the Brian Smith Collection and used with permission.

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