The following pages are an extension of "When Wildwood Rocked" and contains an incredible collection of photographs taken by lifelong Wildwood Crest resident Brian Smith.

The majority of these shows took place at the Playpen, but a few are from the old Wildwood Convention Hall.

A big thank you to Brian for sharing his wonderful collection with Funchase.

The A's were a New Wave band out of Philadelphia, PA who hit it big with songs such as "After Last Night" and "Woman's Got The Power". Pictured below is lead vocalist Richard Bush.

The Ramones rocked the Playpen on August 13, 1983.
Dee Dee

Walter Egan opened for Kenny Loggins in the summer of 78' and had the hit "Magnet and Steel" that same year..

The Fixx at the Playpen August 16, 1983. Pictured below is lead singer Cy Curnin.
Pictured above is Jamie West-Oram on guitar. Rupert Greenall on keyboards and Cy Curnin.

The Romantics at the Playpen August 29, 1983 performed hits such as "What I Like About You", "Talking In Your Sleep" and "One In A Million".
Pictured above on lead guitar and vocals is Coz Canler.
Pictured above and right is Wally Palmar on lead vocals and rhythm guitar.
Jimmy Marinos is pictured above on drums and lead vocals.


Photographs used in this article are from the Brian Smith Collection and used with permission.

Copyright 2007 Ralph Grassi