On the same section of beach where the wonderful Ocean Pier once stood emerges an Oceanic Wonderland... Hunt's Pier.
With only four rides in operation Hunt's Pier had its unofficial opening on Memorial Day, May 30th 1957.

The photos below show Hunt's Pier in the weeks leading up to the grand opening. Under each set of photos I have included the original captions printed in the CMC Gazette.
( The photos in this section are from the newspaper and are not the best quality. )
PIER WORK IN HIGH GEAR - With all the good weather in the past week work on Hunt's new pier made a lot of progress for the readiness of the coming season. The left picture shows you the roller coaster being completed out over the water. On the right, sections of the green colored concrete are being poured. The pier is located on the main boardwalk from Poplar to Juniper Aves. ( May 2, 1957 )
TWO MORE RIDES FOR HUNT'S NEW PIER - The left picture shows you workmen laying railroad ties and track for the "Pennsylvania Railroad Limited" miniature train. The right picture is Eli Bridge Company's sensational "Scrambler" as it was installed this week on the pier. Amusement men consider it the "hottest" new ride to come along in years and say it's the most sought after ride in the amusement industry. ( May 9, 1957 )

RIDES ARRIVE AT HUNT'S PIER - Four more rides arrives this week on Hunt's Pier on the Boardwalk. They are the Helicopter, Turtle, Boat and Merry-Go-Round Rides. Workmen in the picture at left are shown handling a ride still encased in a crate, while the other photo shows several boats. Top left shows "the Scrambler" while the roller coaster can be seen in the other picture. ( MAY 23, 1957 )

The above caption contains a typo. The gentleman's last name is Martz not Marks.
Hunt's Pier Manager Vince Kostek (left) is seated next to James Martz (right) who engineered the construction of the Flyer which had its first test run on Friday, May 24 1957.

The Panther Cars opened the weekend of June 1st, 1957.


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