As we say goodbye to another summer season in the Wildwoods and welcome the quiet calm that falls upon the island as autumn arrives - we also bid farewell to another old friend... the Giant Slide. Known to most as the Wipe Out, this attraction has stood at the front of Morey's Surfside Pier for more than 40 years and has truly come to symbolize the north end of the Wildwood boardwalk. I wonder if the Morey brothers knew when they brought the slide to Wildwood in 1969, what an impact they would soon make in the amusement industry. The slide has been a constant reminder of how it all began for them and in celebration of the attraction that started it all, the Morey's held a special event offering one last slide on Super Sunday, October 10, 2010. I had a blast taking my final trip down the Wipe Out and recalled all the summer days and nights I stood in line on that staggering staircase... just another kid waiting for my turn. Now the Wildwood landmark is quickly fading from the skyline as it is currently being dismantled and removed. I'll miss seeing this simple, feel-good attraction which has become such a familar and welcoming sight on the walk up the 25th Avenue ramp in North Wildwood and in my mind it will always be there.
The photos below were taken on Monday, October 18th, 2010.