Susan has a passion and a talent for creating elaborate parade floats and keeps a watchful eye out for interesting props she can incorporate when building her sets. She never forgot the bones from Buena and often wondered what became of them. The answer to that question came earlier this year when her daughter Lisa came home one day with the news that she spotted the bones at Parvin State Park. Susan acted quickly, not wanting the bones to slip away once more, and was told they were now in the possession of the parks Appreciation Committee. In addition to the bones, a hugh dinosaur skull and claw feet were also present. After inquiring with the head of the committee Susan was further informed that the origins of the skeletal creature led to Hunt's Pier in Wildwood. Susan and her husband Rubin made arrangements to acquire the bones ( with the exception of the skull and one claw foot which still remain the property of the park).
A close-up of the eye socket is shown above.
Rubin Rosario is pictured above with a leg bone and claw foot.
Rubin Rosario and Bill Campbell go dental.

With the bones of Sourier Grotte now in the hands of Susan Rosario it is likely they will be seen in Philadelphia, traveling down Broad Street in a future Mummer's Parade.

A special thanks to Susan and Rubin Rosario for sharing their interesting find with Funchase.


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