It was the mid 1980's when a dark ride with an unusual name appeared on the Wildwood Boardwalk. The German made Pluschies Sourier Grotte ( often referred to as the Dinosaur Cave) was added to Hunt's Pier at a time when the organization was in its final years of ownership... and along with the eventual sale of the pier came an end of an era. Without Bud Hunt at the helm the years that followed brought regrettable change to the legendary pier as the custom rides that made Hunt's Pier famous were being destroyed. The Dinosaur Cave remained on the fading pier until 1991 when it was stripped of its bones and removed, prior to the pier's Dinosaur Beach incarnation.

For the next several years the ride remained idle in haggard condition on a parcel of land located off shore before being purchased. So what became of the bones?

As told to me by Susan Rosario ( the current caretaker of the bones ) they somehow turned up at the Buena Vista Campground in Buena New Jersey where they were used as props for a Halloween trail ride. Susan saw them in 1997 when visiting the campground, however close to a decade would pass before she and the bones would connect once again.
Susan's husband Rubin supports one of the rib bones.
Rib #10 please.

Copyright 2001 Ralph Grassi