The Drive-In movie that once thrived started to grow weary over the next decade as did drive-in theatres all over the country. In the late 50's there were over 4000 drive-in theatres throughout the United States and Canada. But by the late 70's and early 80's the drive-in movie was on a slow decline, and in January 1986 a group of developers (Rio Grande Associates) purchased the land from Fox theatres for $500,000. The Drive-In did open in April of 1986 for one last season, but development for a new $8 million shopping complex would start in the fall... the following year our wonderful Wildwood Drive-In would only be a memory. The excellent photos shown on this page were all taken and contributed by Craig Holzmer, providing us a somber last look at the Wildwood Drive-in at the very end.


Thanks Craig for sharing your photos.

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