There was a great playground down in front below the big screen and a small jungle that bordered the theatre, making it easy for many children to sneek into the playground and avoid the price of admission! (Yes... I was one of them!) What great memories I have of this place. The snack bar with its greasy "Shrimp" rolls - the non-existant "Meatball Sandwiches!" - and the liquid "Pixie Stick" grape and orange drinks! What I wouldn't give to go back for one of these treats. - What was in those Shrimp Rolls anyway?

Many times when we were small my parents would take two cars. Then we would park side by side and my parents would get in one car and the kids in the other. The Drive-In would go through a few changes over the years, including a bigger snack bar with a second floor projection booth and eventually a second big screen. It would become the Wildwood Twin Drive-In Theatre in the early spring of 1976. The week starting Wed., May 26 featured the Twin Screen. "Eat My Dust" with Ron Howard and "Crazy Mama" starring Cloris Leachman played on one screen, while " Baby Blue Marina" and "Aloha Bobby and Rose" played in the rear view.




  Special thanks to Tom Jorgensen for the use of many of the photos - and also to Lorraine Hand, Dave Williams and Frank Feraco for their photo contributions.


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