Hunt's Pier opened in 1957 with only a handful of amusements - Among them was the Flyer roller coaster... a mini passenger train and 8 panther sports cars known as the mini-hotrods. This section of the pier was unique for the fact that all three rides were intertwined with one another - allowing the rider to experience them all at once. A miniature Pennsylvania Railway train was used in the early years of this ride, but eventually replaced by the new Iron Horse train in 1964. A depot would also be added. The train took you around the perimeter of the Flyer and through an old ghost town of dilapidated shacks. There was even an old saloon and a trio of skeletons. They would slow the train down at some points so passengers could view the skeletal gunfight - or stop all together to be robbed by live actors. This ride was removed along with The Flyer and the Hot Rods in the late 1980's.

The original Pennsylvania Railway Train is pictured below.


The new Iron Horse was added to Hunt's Pier in 1964.


Guy and Bud Hunt are pictured above.

Hunt's Pier Manager Vince Kostek and Mayor Charles Masciarella take a ride on the Iron Horse.
The train is replaced a third and final time in 1974. This Iron Horse Model featured square windows unlike the previous train.
Affectionately known as
"Hot Wheels Harry"

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