As most are aware by now the end is quickly approaching for another historic Wildwood landmark. For many (myself included) the Shore Theatre as well as the Blaker died a long time ago - but the days to follow this Thanksgiving holiday will be closure for many who loved this building. Of course along with the theatres will go the Quality Restaurant (originally Karavan's) which sits on the North corner of the block. The old offices of Hunt's Theatres which occupied the space between the restaurant and the Shore theatre will also be gone - as will the store on the south corner of the complex that was once known as Tomi Johns Restaurant. Yet as decrepit an eyesore it has become I will still be very sad to see it go. Like so many countless others I have wonderful memories of the Shore and Blaker Theatres. When I think back on all of the great films that thrilled me through my youth another memory comes to mind... another story. Thoughts of friends and family I was with when I saw it... and the fun on the Boardwalk that followed. Being that the Shore was a year round theatre for many years - most of my movie going was experienced there. I remember Tales from the Crypt and Vault of Horror... The Sting and The Poseidon Adventure... What's Up Doc, Paper Moon and Animal House are just a few that come to mind. The Blaker holds its share of memories as well with Jaws, Alien and Poltergeist. I will never forget the glory days of Hunt's Theatres. Driving down Atlantic Avenue won't be quite the same. That may sound silly to some given the condition the old place is in but that is how I feel. Will Morey was kind enough to give me access to the Shore Theatre to take one last walk through. After leaving the theatre I too realize it's time. The photos are pictured below.
Ticket booth.
Dated light fixtures still hang in the foyer.
The above photos show the view looking toward the front entrance of the lobby.
The Candy Counter
Entrance to Shore Twin Two.
Pictured above and right are the poster displays located in the lobby.
Restroom doors.
Office located downstairs off of the lobby. The safe pictured to the right was located in the closet of this room.
The staircase shown here is located on the south side of the lobby and leads to the balcony area.

Copyright 2005 Ralph Grassi