The Strand
The original Strand Theatre pictured above dates back to around 1920. The theatre was located on the Boardwalk between Pine and Maple Avenue and was destroyed by fire on August 12, 1944. The new Strand was built in 1947, and opened on May 27th of that year. The new theatre had seating for 1,800 and would only open through the summer months. In 1986 Bud Hunt sold The Strand to the Frank Company- along with the nine other theatres owned by Hunt. The Strand was soon split into four theatres and lost its large lobby area and Boardwalk entrance to an arcade. The new main entrance would now be located on the Maple Avenue ramp which had originally been the main exit. The Strand still operates as a theatre in the summer and now features a laser shooting dark ride called Zombie World.
The grand Strand in 1959.
Photo taken in 1999. The theatre marquee is still in place but video games now occupy the front entrance and lobby area.
The new entrance on the north side of the theatre at the top of the Maple Avenue ramp.

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