Around 1900 - before the advent of moving pictures - the Blaker started out as an auditorium for vaudeville performances and was located on a pavilion owned by Gilbert Blaker on the Boardwalk at Cedar Avenue. In 1913 William C. Hunt leased the theatre from Blaker and subsequently purchased it in 1925. Hunt made several renovations over the years and remodeled the theatre to have a more modern look. The Blaker operated for many years and would eventually merge with The Shore Theatre to become the Shore Four. It wasn't long after the theatre closed. It still stands today but is deteriorating rapidly. It is highly unlikely that this building will survive the wrecking ball.
Hunt's Blaker in 1976.
"Summer of Jaws"
In the summer of 75' the line to see Jaws stretched down the Cedar Avenue ramp and up Atlantic Avenue. This town went crazy... myself included. To read more about the "Summer of Jaws" CLICK HERE.

Summer Of Jaws!

The Blaker becomes the Shore 4.
The Curtain Falls

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