In 1928 a group of investors purchased the Rhoads / Blaker amusement center and formed the Cedar Schellenger Corporation. The corporation developed a new pier which extended the original Amusement Center to the east side of the boardwalk onto the beach. The older section (on the west side) became "Playland" while the new section (on the east side) became Marine Pier, also known as "Playland on the Beach". The photo below shows an overview of the two sections.
Over the next several decades many rides came and went including the Swooper...Over the Jumps...the Whip and Mystery Castle pictured below.
Pictured above is an early postcard of the Whip at Playland. This ride would later be moved over to Marine Pier to make way for the Swooper and Over the Jumps shown above in the same location.
The Swooper was manufactured by the Sellner Corporation (the same company that created the Tilt-A-Whirl). Also pictured is "Over the Jumps" which was manufactured by Spillman Engineering out of NY. The motion of this ride was similar to the Himalaya and is said to be one of only a few that were ever produced.
Photos above show the stretch of shops along the main boardwalk at Playland where families could treat themselves to a hotdog at Singer's, take in a spooky walk-thru in Mystery Castle or visit Playland for a ride on the carousel.

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