Photos below show the evolution of the pier.

Odgers Restaurant (South Pier) 1968
Miniature Golf course (North Pier) 1968
Wipeout 1969
King Kong 1973 - To read more about Kong CLICK HERE.
The photo to the left was taken in 1973 and shows the section of beach that seperated the two piers. This parcel of land was eventually purchased by the Morey family allowing them to connect the piers. The result is shown in the photo to the right which was taken in 1976.
Below are various views of the legendary "Haunted House". To read more about this attraction CLICK HERE.


The grotesque faces pictured above L and R are sconces recently salvaged from Dante's. These were originally made for the Haunted House on Morey's Pier.
The Zipper cage ride was manufactured by the Chance Company - Photos were taken in 1970.
Pictured above is the long lost Exorcist attraction. To read more on this ride check out the article on its creator - Freddy Mahana. Just CLICK HERE.
Pictured above is the Spirit of 76 attraction. To read more on this ride CLICK HERE.

Pictured below is the Planet of the Apes attraction and how it changed over the years. To read about what became of the spaceship CLICK HERE.

The photo above was submitted by Maureen Anderson who worked on Morey's Surfside Pier from 1974 to 1976. Maureen is pictured in her Star Trek uniform
The Jumbo Jet steel coaster was added in 1976. The billboard that advertised the new ride is pictured below and was located on the roof of Curley's Fries.

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