Herschell merry-go-round 1974
One of the first rides to operate on the pier was the Scambler by the Eli Bridge Company. Bud Hunt was known by friends and colleagues to be quite a prankster. The b/w photo below shows his talent for disguise.
"The Flying Nuns"
The Astronaut was added to Hunt's Pier in 1963.
The Satellite Jet was imported from Germany and added to Hunt's Pier in 1958. That same year the Crazy Cups from the Philadelphia Toboggan Company was also added.
The Lumber Jack ( often referred to as Paul Bunyan ) made his way around the pier over the years. For a short time he sat under The Flyer Roller Coaster ( a location that was later occupied by Humpty Dumpty ). He then moved to Jungleland before ultimately finding a home on The Log Flume where he could keep watch over the pier.

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