When I think of Hunt's Pier so many images of iconic attractions and characters come to mind - all of which have come to symbolize the pier we'll never forget: One such character was Paul Bunyan, a.k.a. "The Lumberjack", whose steadfast presence could not be overlooked. I believe The Lumberjack arrived on Hunt's Pier in the early months of 1960 during construction of the Golden Nugget Mine Ride (possibly by way of Philadelphia Toboggan Company). The Lumberjack's first appearence may have been when he sat in the lobby of The Strand Theatre promoting the upcoming Golden Nugget - see photo. Soon after he landed underneath The Flyer Roller Coaster in "Blockville" (a spot later occupied by Funni-Frite's Humpy Dumpty figure) - see photo. Next stop, Jumgleland, where he sat atop a large bamboo fence - see photo. Eventually he found a home on The Log Flume ride, sitting high above the pier and keeping a watchful eye over the crowds until 1995 when the pier was purchased by The Catanoso Family and re-themed Dinosaur Beach. He was moved to a piece of land owned by the family located just a few miles off shore, a veritable amusement graveyard, where I continued to stalk him for the next 15 years.

Pictured left: sitting in the Strand Theatre lobby. Pictured above: under The Flyer Roller Coaster.

Pictured left: in Jungleland. Pictured above: on The Log Flume.
The Catanoso Family was reluctant to part with The Lumberjack, hoping to one day utilize him on (their) Steel Pier in Atlantic City, but it never came to be. In 2011-2012 the land was slated to be cleared so he was moved once again and it was at this point that I lost track of him. Nearly a decade has passed since then so you can imagine my surprise when I came across the big guy for sale at Obnoxiuos Antiques in Burlington New Jersey. I spoke with one of the owners of JNB Amusements / Obnoxious Antiques, John Polito, and he told me they purchased The Lumberjack from the Catanoso's earlier this year. They retrieved him from a storage trailer in Pleasantville New Jersey then moved him to their Obnoxious Antiques Warehouse in Burlington NJ where he now sits among an extensive, mind blowing collection of vintage amusement, carnival and circus related items. If anyone is interested in purchasing this piece of Wildwood Boardwalk history or just want to check out their inventory, stop by

Pictured above: in Catanoso's lot. Pictured right: John Polito with The Lumberjack at Obnoxious Antiques.


The Hunt's Pier Lumberjack is unique, but not alone - there are more like him. I have not been able to find the company that made these lumberjacks, but it's apparent they were produced from a mold and made in both standing and sitting positions. Pictured below are some relatives of our prized lumberjack.
Photo above: Lumberjack at Crystal Beach Amusement Park in Ontario, Canada. Photo provided by

Above photo of the Lumberjack located at Nellie Bly Amusement Park in Brooklyn, N.Y. was provided by Jim McDonnell. Thanks Jim!

The lumberjack pictured above was located at the Danbury State Fair in Connecticut. Photo Credit Visual Impact.
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