The stunt pictured above once resided in the Skua Pirate Ship on Hunt's Pier and always stood out as my favorite. It was located in the ships galley on the second level. Once on top deck you would enter back into the ship through the galley. This is the area where the cook was located. A quick exit out onto a short walkway would bring you back into the galley again. This piece was created by the late, great Bill Tracy of Amusement Display Associates. Tracy was located in North Bergen at the time he was commissioned to make this and according to Vince Kostek who managed Hunt's Pier it was never reproduced. With every rock of the ship this character would slide from one end of the stove to the other, with each pass placing his bottom over a piping hot burner. Once atop the burner he would spin around and slide back to the other side. It seems like only yesterday that I stood in front of this great piece staring in amazement. The ambers aglow with colors of red, yellow and orange while audio of sizzling and crackling was looped to create a fantastic effect. I also remember a small shelf located above the cook on which sat a wedge of cheese with a mouse on top. I never thought I would see this boy again until my good friend Bill Luca of "Laff In The Dark" surprised me with this photo. This stunt was formerly in the collection of Pete Szikura but has since been sold to a private collector... lucky guy.
The ships galley is pictured above.
A closer shot of the galley doors and the short gangway in between.
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