1918 - 2008
A dear friend has left us... a true Wildwood legend by the name of Harold Sherwood passed away on Wednesday, November 26. First employed by William C. Hunt way back in 1937, Harold worked summers as an usher at the original Casino and Blaker Theatres until 1941 when he went full time managing the all new modern Shore Theatre. After about 4 years at the Shore, Harold became an operator eventually becoming chief projectionist. Later, with the development of Hunt's Pier in 1956-57, Harold became directly involved in the amusements; wiring, operating, and maintaining all of the sounds that accompanied each stunt in every dark ride on the pier. In many cases he would write the dialog which he would then send to a company in California where the character voices, music and sound effects where recorded on tape. His electronics room was secretly located in back of the Whacky Shack. This was Harold's world, and the nerve center from where every sound on Hunt's Pier was generated. Harold had joint ownership of several rides on Hunt's Pier including the Scrambler and the Keystone Kops dark ride. He also owned and operated Harold's Hobby Shop on Pacific Avenue in Wildwood. In later years he became active with the Wildwood Historical Society where he remained an executive board member even when his health would not permit him to attend regular museum functions and meetings. Harold lived an amazing life, from flying banner planes off the Wildwood beaches in his barnstorming days with Bill James, to making Hunt's Pier stunts come alive. Harold was not only an expert pilot and electronics wizard, but also an accomplished musician and an avid hobbyist who loved to build and fly his model planes... but above all Harold was a gentleman with a gentle soul who's friendship I'll continue to cherish. I'm sure at this moment he's barnstorming high above us. Farewell my friend... I'll miss you.
Pictured below are the many faces of Harold Sherwood


Harold entertained at many a gathering over the years. Here are a couple from 1976 and 1977.


Riding the flume in 1970 with Bud Dry.
Harold being silly on a cold April day on Hunt's Pier in 1969.
I photographed Harold several years ago while he worked Safari Golf on the boardwalk.
Pictured above is my wonderful Dad (who I lost last year) and Harold at Bob's Aqua Beach Cafe, where they could be found most mornings sharing coffee and memories. How I miss those coffee breaks with my boys.

Written by Ralph Grassi 2008