Constructed in the early 1960's this ride began as an open air kiddy-car ride that put children behind the wheel of their own Model T. These electric antique cars were manufactured in Germany by the Jhle Company. Within a couple of years the heart of the ride was enclosed, leaving only a small portion of track outdoors. A short trip out of the darkness - then back into the darkness again. A dark ride it was - but more kooky than spooky. Filled with fluorescent fun and lighted by black light your antique car steered you through bang doors galore in this cartoon world. Themed after the popular Mack Sennett comedy troupe of the 1920's this ride had a variety of animated characters that were often referred to as "mop heads" by the employees. These characters were the creation of local ride designer Jamie Sanford of Amusement Enterprises Inc. There were clowns... a firehouse band... barbershop quartet... and of course those bungling kops. And what young boy could forget those scantily clad dancing girls out front! Eventually the ride was moved toward the front of the pier to make room for the new Log Flume and remained in operation until the bitter end. This dark ride was 60's psychedelia at its best and remains one of my favorite memories of Hunt's Pier.
Pictured above are the three Keystone Characters that sat atop Hunt's ticket booth for many years. From L to R: One Eyed Jack from the Pirate Ship - Cactus Pete of the Golden Nugget and Crazy Dan of Jungleland.




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