Jungleland was Hunt's new custom built attraction for the 1959 season. There were several men on board for this project and responsible for its creation and unique appearance - including Allen Hawes, Jamie Sanford and Bill Tracy. Jungleland contained four safari boats that held up to fourteen passengers each. Their names...African Queen - Swamp Lilly - Jungle Belle - and Congo Kitty. These boats would gently carry you through a 6000 square foot tropical landscape featuring a variety of animated creatures including monkeys, goonie birds, charging rhinos, crocodiles, and a giant snake as well as some natives and a few hungry cannibals. As you would drift along through this primitive world you would enter the interior portion of the ride. This stretch was dark and filled with more thrills - such as the trick waterfall, pop-up natives and a giant goonie bird emerging from his egg. This attraction would remain on the pier until it was demolished in 1989. There has never been another ride like this on the Wildwood Boardwalk and probably never will be again.
Pictured to the left enjoying a jungle cruise is my good friend Michael Velardo at age 8. Photo was taken around 1970.


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