At the time the article shown below was written it was expected that Kong would be leaving Wildwood for repairs and a make-over in New York... that never came to be. Kong never left for New York that day... the move would prove to be too much for his aging broken frame and in the process of transferring the dissected ape from Boardwalk, to beach, to flatbed he literally disintegrated. It was decided he was beyond repair and the project was scrapped. Lou Nasti (a talented designer and builder of animated figures and owner of Mechanical Displays Inc.) headed the project of transportation and restoration of Kong and recently explained to me what transpired, ending the mystery of what became of the Wildwood landmark. Lou was so kind as to send me his photographs from that day which follow the article below. Thank you Lou for sharing your information and photos with Funchase.
The photos below show Lou and company preparing Kong for removal from the Bonanza Shooting Gallery.
Pictured above from L to R are Lou Nasti, Bob Martin and Dick Nasti.
Over the years Kong had become a safe haven for hundreds of pigeons. When Kong came down that day the beach quickly became littered with them... many too young to fly.
and away...
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All photos come from the Lou Nasti collection and are used with permission.

Copyright 2007 Ralph Grassi