Pictured below are some interior shots of the Casino Arcade.
Piano Playing Duck
The photos below show the area where the original Casino building once stood. After a tragic fire in August 1964, the lot was cleared and amusements were put in place. This area changed quite frequently throughout the late 1960's and 70's with a variety of rides and attractions including the Showboat Funhouse ... the Whirlpool... Laligo Whip and the Dune Buggys.
View from Atlantic Avenue 1973.
Showboat Funhouse in 1973.
Roto Jet 1966
Bat Mobile 1966
"Dune Buggy" 1973
Miniature golf course and amusements 73'.
A rare shot of the "Whirlpool" ride. This ride was basically the "Hell Hole" with an underwater theme. The Neptune character later became "Dr. Blood" on Sportland Pier. See Sportland Pier page or click link. This photo was taken 1971.

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