The photo above shows the original Casino Pier as it looked in the early 1900's located at the corner of Oak and Atlantic Aves. The photo to the right is the same building and taken in the early 1960's. This housed the Scoota Boats and Holiday Golf and had a large ballroom upstairs featuring roller skating and dances.
The ocean side of the Casino building.
Entrance to the arcade area from the boardwalk.
Pictured above left is an advertisement for the Pig Slide in the arcade. In this game you would throw a ball at the target which would then trigger a trap door sending a baby piglet down a chute and into a hay bed. Another popular game was the shooting gallery located behind the Casino Theatre just outside the arcade. Pictured to the right are local legends Eddie Rapp (taking aim with the rifle) and Moe Bixler. Hit the target and it takes your picture.

Pat Canning is pictured above taking his shot at the shooting gallery located just outside the arcade. Pictured to the right are our good neighbors Larry and Joan Clements in 1958.
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One of my earliest and most treasured memories of the Wildwood Boardwalk is the Potato Chip Stand in the Casino Arcade. I'll never forget how special it was to receive that little wax bag filled with warm potato chips. Pat Canning's aunt, Florence Bennett, ran the potato chip stand which was located in front of the Bumper Cars inside the arcade. Her family first opened the stand sometime in the early 1940's when Florence's father and Pat's Grandfather (Harry Bennett) first made their chips from fresh cut potatoes. Years later they chose to order their chips from Snyder's. Pictured below are several photos of Florence at her stand.
Pictured above right is Florence Bennett. Shown to the left is a working friend.
A special thanks to the Canning Family for sharing their memories and photos with Funchase. Also to Ed Rapp and Joan & Larry Clements - thanks for the memories.


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