The image pictured above is one that I've created from memory - along with a bit of help from two photographs I managed to dig up at the George F. Boyer Museum in Wildwood. Both photos show a south view of the Boardwalk taken from Garfield Avenue which includes a portion of a structure I have always been fascinated by. This Boardwalk store with the mysterious facade struck me everytime I passed it - yet never knew what it was... who built it... or why it was there. It was as if there was an extra section of the Whacky Shack left over from Hunt's Pier and someone dropped it on top of this store. From its overall style of construction to its spooky paint work this rooftop strongly resembled the work of Bill Tracy's company - Amusement Display Associates (doubtful - but then again anything is possible). As I can recall this structure was there through the early to mid 70's and disappeared around 1980 or 81'. If my memory serves me correctly there were two skeletal hands emerging from the shuttered window. I do not recall a face or shape in the window although it's been thirty years and I may have forgotten. In any case this is how I remember it to be and would love to hear from anyone else who remembers this strange piece of Boardwalk history. Perhaps you have some information on the store and who owned it or maybe even a photograph. The photos below will give you an idea of the location. After viewing these two photographs I believe the address to be 3810 Boardwalk. I look forward to hearing from you.
I believe these photos were taken in 1977.

Copyright Ralph Grassi 2008