Here is the definitive history of the Wildwoods available again for a final and limited printing. This fully indexed hard bound volume is over 250 pages long and features 450 photographs of the resort's origin to present day Wildwood - New Jersey's most popular play place.




This book takes a look at the Wildwoods in the early 1900's with over 200 vintage postcards. A wonderful keepsake of the island's past.



Available on DVD Only


Wildwood The History of an American Seashore Resort is a keepsake documentary that recaptures a bygone time with warmth and fidelity. Take a nostalgic walk through time and visit the days when vacationers arrived by train and rode the trolly to the beach.

Discover the origins of the Boardwalk, the development of the grand amusement piers and the nightclubs that hosted famous entertainers.

Celebrate Wildwood's great past and take a captivating look at the way in which this beloved seashore resort has evolved over the years. Through fascinating first-person accounts, vintage photographs, and rare film, the history of the Wildwood's is brought to life.




Greetings from Wildwood by the sea. This excellent documentary aired on PBS in May 2003 and is available on DVD only.



"Wildwood Days"

This much awaited documentary was done by Travisty Productions and welcomes you to the world of the 50s and 60s. It was featured on PBS and is available on DVD only.




Charlie Gracie DVD "Fabulous"

First Philly native to break out nationally and internationally at the beginning of the Rock N Roll Era.

Cost is $19.99


All of the above items are available at the George F. Boyer Historical Museum. For information on how to purchase these items visit the museum at 3907 Pacific Avenue, Wildwood, N.J. 08260 or call (609) 523-0277

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